Was Your Great-Grandmother a Suffragist?

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An article in the November 11, 1915, Kenosha Evening News listed the names of 170 women, members of the Kenosha County Equal Suffrage League. Some were nominated as officers in preparation for the league's annual meeting. The others were either delegates or alternates to the upcoming state meeting.

In that era, it was common to list a married woman’s name using her husband's name, as in "Mrs. John Smith."

We did a little (well, a lot!) of research and were able to discover the first names of all but 12 of the 121 married women’s names in the article. Some seen in the list also have the suffragist’s maiden name.

We hope this will allow you to claim your ancestor as a suffragist.

If you find an ancestor’s name in the list, be proud! And let us at Suffrage 100 know a little more about her and/or how it makes you feel to know of her struggle to win the vote. Please message us on Facebook or send us an email at KenoshaCountySuffrage100@gmail.com.


Chief Executive Officer: Miss Harriet Bain

First Vice President: Mrs. Mary D. Bradford

Second Vice President: Miss Florence Wells

Third Vice President: Mrs. Gerthie (Henry B.) Robinson

Treasurer: Mrs. Mary (Edward) Peterson

Secretary: Mrs. Harriet S. (Bartley F.) Maywood

Legislative Chairwoman: Mrs. Louise D. (Allen) Cole

Social Chairwoman: Mrs. Edna W. (Albert) Fox, nee: Farr

Finance Chairwoman: Mrs. Millie G. (George M.) McIntyre, nee: Lange Green

Press Chairwoman: Mrs. Charlotte (E. S.) Jordan, nee: Hannahs

Membership Chairwoman: Mrs. Effie O. (E.A.) Hatfield, nee: Netzell

Lecture Chairwoman: Miss Mary E. Langan

Township Chairwomen:

Bristol – Miss Edith Murdock

Genoa Junction – Miss Jeanette Reynolds

Silver Lake – Mrs. Minnie (William) Schenning, nee:Nichols

Pleasant Prairie – Mrs. Cora M. (J. E.) Jones

Salem – Mrs.  Charlotte (Arthur) Bloss

Trevor – Miss Mary Fleming

Wilmot – Miss E.M. Bufton

Somers – Mrs. Hazel (Herman) Herzog

Delegates living in the City of Kenosha:

Miss Eleanor Casey

Miss Florence Wells

Miss Titania Hill

Miss Katherine Perkins

Miss Grace Matthews

Miss Rosalie Lyman

Miss Vera Woodward

Miss Emma Brister

Miss Grace Havens

Miss Lulu Lampe

Miss Harriet Bain

Miss Isabelle Lowe

Miss Mamie Werner

Miss Clara Buenger

Miss Ellen Sopokowiez

Miss Emily Bond, Jr.

Miss Mary Langan

Miss E.E. Robinson

Dr. Helen Harbert

Mrs. P. Louise A. (Otis) Trenary, nee: Colvin

Mrs. Mathilda (Al) Meis, nee: Weiner

Mrs. Margaret (John J.) McShane, nee: Allman

Mrs. Emma E. Wells (Frank L.), nee: Messier

Mrs. Halli (James Carson) Rogers, nee:  Livingston

Mrs. Alvina (John) Pitts

Mrs. Bell L. (Douglas) Newell, nee: Stebbins

Mrs. Oliva (Horace) Johnson, nee: Lovejoy

Mrs. Millie G. (George) McIntyre, nee: Lange

Mrs. Louise D. (Allen) Cole

Mrs. Mary D. Bradford

Mrs. Harriet (A. B.)  Ames, nee: Butcher

Mrs. Edith M. (Everett. E.) Betzer, nee: Wadsworth

Mrs. Rose M. (Alfred B.) Colander

Mrs. C. Jessie (H.H.) Lane

Mrs. Lina (Carl) A. Palm, nee: Lina Uebel

Mrs. Anastasia (William) Wade, nee: Waters

Mrs. Madeline E. (William) Schroeder, nee: Timme

Mrs. Edith M. (William T.) McIntyre, nee: Rice

Mrs. Elsa Agnes (Howard) Robinson, nee: Eggers

Mrs. Isabelle (Benjamin) DeDiemar, nee: Murphy

Mrs. Margaret Gamble

Mrs. Hattie M. McKenzie, nee: Limpert

Mrs. Rae E. (Maurice) Needham, nee: Holthoff

Mrs. Clara M. (Carl) Buenger, nee: Buuck

Mrs. A. Mae (John H.) Holm

Mrs. Addie (Robert) Moth

Mrs. Emma Goodell

Mrs. Sadie E. (John) Brine, nee: Carr

Mrs. Marie (Phil) Harmon, Jr.

Mrs. Elva (Wenzel A.) Matzke, nee: Snyder

Mrs. Mabel (William C.) Swift

Mrs. W.A. Smith

Mrs. Bertha Camille (John) Schippers, nee: Nygard

Mrs. Harriet S. (Bartley F.) Maywood

Mrs. Golda (William A.) Bell

Mrs. Elizabeth (Louis) Thiers

Mrs. Mary (Edward) Peterson

Mrs. Millicent B. Northway

Mrs. Edna W. (Albert) Fox, nee: Farr

Mrs. Caroline (Anthony A.) Isermann, nee: Perkins

Mrs. H.M. Weinstock

Mrs. Helen C. (John) Burns

Mrs. Beatrice (Richard) Welles

Mrs. Julia M. (Joseph G.) Rhode, nee: Lippert

Mrs. Lydia (A.E.) Bounsall, nee: Harff

Mrs. Augusta (Julius) Franke, nee: Wienke

Mrs. Susan (Bryce) Morrow, nee: Muldoon

Mrs. Anna (Andrew) Stenzen

Mrs.  Dora (William) Threinen, nee: Wackrow

Mrs. Ada (William) Stemn, nee:Thomas

Mrs. Anna (Joseph) Funck, nee: Zens

Mrs. Mamie H. (Mathias) Bode, nee: Thomey

Mrs. Ester (A.E.) Epstein, nee: Cashman

Mrs. Minnie (Simon) Gottlieb, nee: Gottlieb

Mrs. Hilda (Frank) Nelson, nee: Alder

Mrs. Ida F. (George W.) Stoneman

Mrs. Angeline (Charles) Frantz, nee: Martin

Mrs. Clara S. (Julius W.) Bartlet

Mrs. Eva Rice Thompson

Mrs. Matilda Caroline (Charles) Carlson, nee: Kullman

Mrs. Marie Rose (James) Gorman, nee: Moeller

Mrs. Charlotte (E. S.) Jordan, nee: Hannahs

Mrs. Florence (George H.) Ripley, nee: Fellows

Mrs. Gerthie (Harry B.) Robinson

Mrs. Henry J. Winsten

County Delegates:


Miss Edith Murdock

Miss Sarah Devilin

Mrs. Mary R. (Clarence) Williams, nee: Lane

Mrs. Florence (Frank) Kingman, nee: Shumway

Genoa Junction:

Miss Jeanette Reynolds

Silver Lake:

Mrs. Minnie (William) Schenning, nee: Nichols

Pleasant Prairie:

Mrs. Cora M. (John E.) Jones

Mrs. Sarah (Frederick) Barter, nee: Lieber

Mrs Ina T. (J. P.) Torrey

Miss Flora Dexter

Mrs. Emma V. Burdick


Mrs. Charlotte (Arthur) Bloss

Mrs. Effie M. (James S.) Cull

Josephine Loescher

Miss Olive Hope


Miss Mary Fleming


Miss E.M. Bufton


Mrs. Hazel (Herman) Herzog, nee: Kitchberg


Miss Helen Peterson

Miss Edna Bond

Miss Marie Keating

Miss Isabelle Wells

Miss M. Sette

Miss Louise Robinson

Miss Beaulah English

Miss Alice March

Miss Elsie Wade

Miss Mamie Lippert

Miss Gertrude Meyers

Miss V. Persis Dewey

Miss Constance Barden

Miss Margaret Purnell

Miss Margery Miller

Miss Gladies Rock

Miss Gertrude Senne

Miss Grace Rogers

Mrs. Elizabeth (E.) Elkerton

Mrs. Anna or Katharine (Carl G.) Schultz, nee: Schultz

Mrs. Marbelle (Charles) Turnock

Mrs. Helen M. (O.H.) Woodward

Mrs. Lena (John) Herzog, nee: Kitzelmann

Mrs. Clara (Thomas) Whitaker

Mrs. Wm. Schultz

Mrs. Rose Bostetter

Mrs. Amelia W. (F.W.) Becker

Mrs. Annie L. (Peter) Fisher, Jr.

Mrs. Mary (Conrad) Shearer, nee: Berglin

Mrs. Mary (B.F.) Stahl

Mrs. Ethelyn (E. F.) Rowell

Mrs. Elizabeth (George) Pirsch, nee: Stewart Pigott

Mrs. Emma (Bert) Larrabee, nee: Woodworth

Mrs. Anise (J.H.) Cleary, nee: Wagner

Mrs. Ethel (Alfred) Terrell, nee: Harkness

Mrs. Laura (P.N.) Obertin, nee: Drake

Mrs. Eloise (J. Mark) Hansen

Mrs. M. Louisa (I.W.) Corey

Mrs. Elsie (Fred) Larsen

Mrs. Cora S. (Harry) Skinkle

Mrs. Hilda (John A.) Winberg, nee: Munson

Mrs. Virginia (Chester) Barnes, nee: Garner

Mrs. Emilia (Dave) Nelson

Mrs. J.A. Williams

Mrs. F.N. Mayer

Mrs. Minnie (Irving )Barbour

Mrs. Laura (A.B.) McCall, nee: Miller

Mrs. Burt Smith

Mrs. Mary K. (Fred) Stemn, nee: Tecktonious

Mrs. J. Speed

Mrs. Mary (John) Rock

Mrs. Sidney Maddock

Mrs. R.K. Door

Mrs. Dagmar (Homer L.) Cheever, nee: Jorgensen

Mrs. Peter Stair

Mrs. Effie O. (E.A.) Hatfield, nee: Netzell

Mrs. Theodore Faville

Source: Kenosha Evening News, November 11, 1915, CLUB AND SOCIETY NEWS by Lucy E. Strong – Members prep for Annual Mtg. Of Kenosha County Equal Suffrage League held at Park Avenue Methodist Church.