Shoreland Permit Procedures


A Shoreland Permit is required when one of the following projects occur within the unincorporated Townships, the Village of Salem Lakes or the Village of Somers. Note: the more common projects that occur within the County include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Shoreline stabilization - includes projects such as retaining walls, riprap or bio-revetment installation to prevent erosion.
  • Fill placement - includes projects designed to improve drainage in the shoreyard (provided it is not a zoned wetland), or fill used in the foundation of new home construction beyond “usual and customary” amounts normally used for home site development.  Note that for fill projects in the Camp / Center Lake Floodplain Fringe Overlay District, please review the Building Within the Camp/Center Lake Floodplain Fringe Overlay District handout.
  • Dredging or removal of sediments from streams or lake beds - includes agricultural sediment removal projects or dredging near the shoreline for watercraft docking.
  • Earth movement / grading, major landscaping and berms.
For a more comprehensive list of permissible projects, consult the Kenosha County General Zoning and Shoreland Floodplain Zoning Ordinance. Most projects requiring a shoreland permit from Kenosha County will require a corresponding Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and possibly a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit. Kenosha County shoreland permits are not valid without the necessary federal or state permits.


  • To promote public health, safety and welfare
  • To achieve the purposes of s.281.31, Wisconsin Statutes, which are to “maintain safe and healthful conditions; prevent and control water pollution; protect spawning grounds, fish and aquatic life; control building sites, placement of structures and land uses; and preserve shore cover and natural beauty”.


You must submit a complete Stipulated Shoreland Permit Application including a property survey / site plan and submit the appropriate fee based upon the Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development fee schedule.