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Property Inquiry
Select Property Inquiry to view property information including tax bills, assessments, sales, and building data.

Real Estate Document Search - LandShark

Select LandShark to search and retrieve land record documents.
Pay Taxes Online (Point & Pay)
Select Pay Taxes Online to connect to Point & Pay and pay your taxes with a credit card.
Land Notification
Select Land Notification to monitor a name or parcel for real estate activity.  Prevent fraud!
Lottery Credit Search
Select Lottery Credit Search to learn more about lottery credits and verify that you are receiving the credit.
County Mill Rates

Select County Mill Rates to view current and historical mill rates.
Land Survey Viewerl
Select the Land Survey Viewer to view archived surveys of Kenosha County properties.  
Sanitary Maintenance Portal
Select the Sanitary Maintenance Portal to view septic system information for Kenosha County properties.